Villa Giulia is an opportunity to experience Italy the way you’ve dreamed it would be: authentic and unspoiled, accessible yet hidden in plain view.  

This is a fractional ownership opportunity to enjoy a unique, modern villa overlooking the sea in Liguria, Italy, where Italians go to enjoy the beach, as visitors from abroad flock to the more famous and trendy towns elsewhere on the coast.   

Cinque Terre is close enough to visit for lunch, and Tuscany is a short car ride away.

The location is convenient with stunning views and walking-distance access to all of the elements that make a perfect extended visit.

Fractional ownership is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of owning a luxurious home away from home on the Italian Riviera at a fraction of what owning and managing a property outright might be.

This opportunity will be limited to a small, select group.  Browse through this site, link to the suggested resources, research the area, and imagine yourself gazing out at the Gulfo de Poeti with a glass of Pigato (the crisp local varietal) in your hand.  

The managing partner can answer any questions you might have.


Located on the Italian Riviera

The property is nestled on a hillside above the center of the village of Lerici. This is the spectacular view that will be seen from the villa.


Fractional Ownership Opportunity

Fractional ownership is available in one-month increments that are affordable and flexible.


Modern Construction

The villa is being constructed to exacting standards of luxury in an old-world style.