How Do You Get To Lerici From The US?

First of all where is Lerici?  It is located in the region of Liguria (one of Italy’s smallest) on the Mediterranean cost between Genova and Pisa.  Two nearby towns have train service, Sarzana and La Spezia, which is the larger and is a major departure point for Cinque Terre.

Airlines with direct service:

  United                          Delta                         American                    Alitalia                 Emirates

IAD to FCO                 JFK to FCO                JFK to MXP                JFK to FCO           JFK to MXP

EWR to VCE               JFK to MXP                ORD to FCO               JFK to MXP

EWR to MXP              JFK to PSA*                MIA to MXP               ORD to FCO

EWR to FCO               ATL to FCO                                                    MIA to FCO

ORD to FCO               ATL to MXP                                                    BOS to FCO

                                     DTW to FCO                                                   LAX to FCO                      

Direct service is not the best alternative (in my opinion), with the exception of summer service that Delta offers to Pisa*.  Rome is too far away to be convenient.  Milan is not too far if you are renting a car, but it is still an hour by train just to the main station in Milan.

Pisa and Genova are my favorite choices if you have a good connection through Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, London or other European gateways.

I have connected into Turin, Genova, Bologna, Florence, Milan, and Pisa.

Pisa is less than an hour by train, Genova about an hour+, the rest are about 2-3 hours to Genova and then change to La Spezia (Malpensa adds an hour to get to the main station in Milan).