Excellent Pizza

Pizzeria La Gerla

Via Petriccioli, 4 Lerici

Pizza and Italy, the words are nearly synonymous.   Pizza is everywhere in all its various incarnations, but having visited the temples of dough in Naples I am cautious about seeking out pizza elsewhere.  Thus, the awards won by the chef in World Championship competitions intrigued me. 

“Claudio Marchini and Monica Russo, invite you to taste the "pizza Maury Gerla", winner of the World Championship 2006 for the classic pizza (sauce: velvety saffron, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, shrimp in the Gulf of Poets wrapped in bacon Colonnata, chives, chili”

The pizza here is first rate (not quite Naples), the varieties offered are quite extensive.  I also recommend the Farinata, a kind of chickpea crepe, typical of Ligurian seacoast.