Construction Update #4

My latest visit to Italy was the first week of May.  Much has transpired since my last update, unfortunately without much construction progress.  The general contractor went out of business and made many commitments that were not fulfilled.  Suffice it to say that the process of ending his contract and selecting a new contractor took a number of months.  While that is disappointing, the good news is that a very reputable sub contractor completed the structural work and all work was inspected and completed properly.

I met the new construction manager and toured a few of his completed or nearly completed houses in the area.  His attention to detail is impeccable.  He had us visit his suppliers to again make many of the finishing selections.  Windows, floors, doors, and exterior electrical fixtures were the priority.

In three days much of the electrical rough-in work was completed and I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the electricians.

The new completion date is now set for late summer 2016.  I am optimistic that things are on track now.

For those curious about the features to be incorporated in the flat:

Security/Home Automation

The most sophisticated security and automation is being built in.  This includes parameter alarms, infrared detection, four external video cameras, Wi-Fi control for lights and environmental settings.  The system uses a smart home system known as Domotica and is controlled from a touch screen or iPhone app.

Bagno (bathroom)

I have specified all German plumbing fixtures, either Grohe or Hansgrohe (yes they are different companies, and I have tested their products in my home for the last 10 years).  My aim is for the most reliable, and functional products.  Most of us in North America don’t know much about bidets, but in Europe they are expected.  One bagno will have the latest technology to save space; the second bagno will have both a WC and bidet.  In case you are curious…

Ceiling Fans

While the apartment will have high efficiency heating and cooling systems, the temperate climate will make it unnecessary to turn the systems on most of the year.  New technology in ceiling fans will supplement environmental systems.  Big Ass Fans have amazing capabilities and self adjust for summer and winter modes.  They can be programed for specific needs in specific rooms – all controlled by iPhone.

Sound System

High fidelity speakers are to be installed throughout the flat.  Location and design of the system was performed by an expert audio engineer.